Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fusion for Planet Earth

The Colombian Orchid Ballet will show case "Fusion for Planet Earth", in the event Day of the Earth, with the purpose of fostering awareness of how important it is to find the inner equilibrium in between soul and body, in order to be able to heel Planet Earth.

In the event, the Colombian Orchid Ballet featured traditions from different cultures from Colombia and South America, cultures that have made different interpretations of their environment. The Amazons was also brought to the scene, by exploring folk tales and leyends from the indian tribes that coexist in the border of Brasil, Peru and Colombia.

One of the most interesting features of this performance was the visual art gallery that students from an elementary school from Houston made for this event. They were educated about the traditions of folk tales and leyends from the Amazons(El Hombre Jaguar and El Hombre Paguaro(El delfĂ­n Rosado/pink dolphin) by Aurora Borealis and Portrait Image.
That experience inspired them to make this wonderful art work about mother Nature!

Felipe Acosta, Director of the Colombian Orchid Ballet and founder of Folklore Spectrum said: “It is the mission of Folklore Spectrum and its organizations like the Orchid Ballet, Portrait Image, and Aurora Borealis to foster universal awareness and reorient men kind to go back to the principles of life. Take care of your planet now, so our future generations can live in a healthy environment".

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